You can create a fun dinner experience at home that is simple and SO delicious! “Yaki” means “grill” and “niku” means “meat”. It’s table cooking (electric grill or frypan work fine). How to Make Yakiniku Meat: Thinly sliced beef, with a little sake, sesame oil, +/- garlic and salt, sliced chicken marinated with sake, oil and salt. Vegetables: sliced onion, thinly sliced pumpkin, cabbage (cut 2 inch squares), enoki mushrooms and carrot (plus any other veggies you want!). Sauce: this is the secret … pick up a bottle of Yakiniku from @saori_japanese_sauce this Saturday. Place sauce in a small dipping bowl (enough for each person) along with a bowl of steamed rice. Make sure everyone has chopsticks. This is a really fun way to host a dinner party @saori_japanese_sauce ・・・ Yakiniku dinner (Japanese style BBQ) at home tonight. I watched an episode of a Japanese TV series called “stay tuned” on Netflix and they were eating yakiniku on the show. I rarely watch TV but the show was about my hometown Sapporo. I am so glad I had my very authentic flavoured “SAORI Apple & Soya Japanese BBQ Sauces” otherwise I would have felt a little home sick!! Wow I haven’t had yakiniku for I don’t know how many years. I forgot how good it tastes. うちで、もう、何年も焼肉を食べていなかったんだけど、久しぶりにみたネットフリックスで札幌が題材のチャンネルは

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