Photo of fresh produce from Warragul Farmers' Market

When is it?

THE third Saturday of EVERY month.
8.30am – 1pm
Civic Park, Warragul

Warragul Farmers’ Market is a place for people to meet and support local farmers and producers and buy a huge range of fresh and handmade food.

Every month we have live music, ready to eat food by some of the best in the region, organic vegetables, artisan bread, preserves, fresh fruit, plants and much more. There is also amazing coffee and lots of space to relax and catch up with friends.

Due to COVID restrictions we are currently running a Shop and GO market primarily focused on essential food and artisan products. We are restricting patron flow into the market to control overcrowding – so if you come at the peak time of 11 am expect to wait to gain access.

If you’re interested in supporting local farmers and producers and great-tasting food, join us on the third Saturday of EVERY month.

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2020 Market Day Dates

  • Saturday 15th August
  • Saturday 19th September
  • Saturday 17th October
  • Saturday 21st November
  • Saturday 19th December

2021 Market Day Dates

  • Saturday 16th January
  • Saturday 20th February
  • Saturday 20th March
  • Saturday 17th April
  • Saturday 15th May