Our Stallholders

Allambee Flower Farm

“Cut flowers, Cymbidium orchids”

Alot of Good Stuff

“Preserves, Biscuits, Loaves.Wide range of Gluten Free options available.”

G&J Seafood

Fresh Seafood caught and sold by the fisherman. Works out of Lakes Entrance.

Kouark Winery

“Kouark is a ten acre vineyard situated at Drouin South, West Gippsland. We produce a range of red and white wines.”

Boidynamic Growing

New biodynamic vegetable grower currently ‘gearing up’ to bring us a large variety of fresh produce.

Botanic Ark

Jams and rare plants.

Burger Mamma

“Burger Mamma is a range of gourmet hand crafted Beef, Lamb, Pork and Vegetarian burgers each with a distinctive name and taste!”


“USA style flavoured popcorn. We are proud to bring Kettlecorn made correctly with the correct amount of ingredients and cooking methods.  All of our flavours are Dairy Free, Gluten Free and Nut Free, which is important to know with today’s dietary restrictions.”

Cannibal Creek Bakery

Wood-fire oven cooked sourdough bread.From the Garfield bakehouse.

Clear Creek Valley Herb Farm

Nursery: herb plants and vegetable seedlings

Craig’s Hut

Espresso coffee expertly made from their own roasted coffee beans.


Truffles are our first love – we create delicious and surprising flavours and textures that will overwhelm your every sense.

Doggy Deli

Food treats for your Dog.

Fankhauser Apple Orchards

“The Fankhauser family has been growing apples in Australia for over 120 years. Growing seven different varieties of apples starting with Gala that are harvested around late February, Jonathon, Golden Delicious, Fuji, Granny Smith, Pink Lady and have recently started growing JazzTM under license for Montague Fresh.”

Flamin Skewers

“Cambodian street grill – food stall. Marinated lamb and beef skewers freshly cooked over charcoal grill.”

Fleming Berries

“Home Grown Berries, 100% Fruit Delights Sorbet, Home Made Waffles & Berries, Berry Jams, Dairy Free Fruit Smoothies, Fruit Popsicles & New Fruit Yogy”

Garden Fillers

“Plant nursery, bringing plants for the urban garden, with colour, texture and form.”

Gippsland Jersey

“Milk sourced from a dairy farm set in the rolling green hills of Jindivick, Gippsland Jersey is the creamiest, smoothest, most delicious milk imaginable.”

Gippsland Strawberries & Mushrooms

“Gippsland Strawberries are growing the first Australian hydroponic strawberry. Controlled environment strawberries have better appearance, flavour and consistency than traditional field grown.”

Grand Ridge Brewery

“Grand Ridge is at the top of the list in high quality beers. All the beers are produced to exceptionally high standards of flavour and purity, with no added chemicals or preservatives.”

Harry Hoo

“Hand made spring rolls, dim sims, dumplings & won tons.”

Herbal Teas Australia

“Herbal Teas Australia offers different organic herbal teas that is beneficial, enjoyable and makes a difference to your general health and well being.”

Hillgrove Farm

“Local Fresh Pastured Eggs from happy, free roaming hens.”

Hope Farm Bakery

We are an organic sourdough bakery based in Gippsland.


“4 muesli options available, Original, Cranberry Crunch, Gluten Free and Fruit/Gluten Free, we have an option to suit most taste buds and eating restrictions. Plus the 4 options are also used to create delicious muesli bars, for a snack on the run!”

Jindibelles (Nov – Dec only)

“Home made steamed puddings: Plum(Christmas), Sticky Date, Triple Chocolate, also fudge, sauces, slices and muffins.”

Jones Potatoes

“Delicious, nutrition-dense potatoes grown on the Jones’ family farm in West Gippsland.Blue Moon,Dutch Cream,Innovator,King Edward,Kipfler,Nicola,Pink Fir Apple,Wilwash”

Weyhill Garlic

“We love growing garlic and creating garlic products, so we hope you enjoy our range of garlic goodies.”

Kingfisher Citrus

“Kingfisher Citrus is a proudly owned and operated fourth generation family farm, nestled on the banks of the mighty Murray River in Narrung, North West Victoria.”

Lime & Co

Mexican style food by chief Marcus, using local produce.
Very tasty!

Limotti Gourmet Puffs

“Rice cake-cracker, alternative to bread, long lasting and cooked on site making them super fresh.”

Little Bumble

“Sustainable Food storage product, the beewax wrap molds around food items and kitchenware with the heat of your hands. Simple, quick, affordable and super clingy! Wash under cool water with mild detergent, dry and then the wraps are ready to use again.”

Lockton Farm

“Small family business based in Melbourne that produces hand made artisan sausages. We are passionate about taste, freshness and quality and use only the best quality ingredients and the freshest herbs and vegetables. We source from local growers and producers whenever possible.”

Mirboo Pastured Poultry

Genuine pasture raised chicken. Our chickens are fed a GMO free diet. No antibiotics used.


“The original Natural Household Cleaning products created in Gippsland. Natural products include Ease the Pain Products, Natural Dog Shampoos, Himilayan Salt Shampoo and Conditioner , Natural Head Lice Treatments , Bubble baths, Pure Essential Oils and much more!”

Ninety Mile Biodynamics

Demeter Certified Biodynamic Lamb

Olive Twist

“Olive Twist extra virgin olive oil is fruity and peppery, making it ideal for salad dressing, drizzling over roasted vegetables, pasta, soups or just having with bread. Our olives are a mixture of Greek, Italian and Spanish varieties that are hand picked and cold pressed within 24 hours from harvest.”

Purely Goats Milk

“Fantastic goats milk soaps, full of valuable nutrients & vitamins our body can easily absorb through our skin.”

Saffron Willis

Local saffron growers. Selling this golden spice and the Crocus sativus flower corms.

San Remo Bakehouse

“From our southern coast they bring award winning pies, baguettes, flavoured cob loaf  and tasty sweat treats.”

Saori Japanese Sauce

Quality authentic Japanese sauces and ingedients homemade in Australia

Scones Aramintas & Co

“Traditional and flavoured scones baked fresh on site. Available with jams, cream, butter.”

Something for Pudding

Better known as Croissants& because these are the best Croissants anywhere!

St Fiacres Farm

“We are a family owned and operated farm supplying farm fresh produce and the freshest made home made products. Sauces, chutneys & Jams. Seasonal Fresh produce. Cold climate Wine.”

Strzelecki Heritage Apples (Seasonal: March-May)

“sell a large range of heritage apple trees, bare-rooted or in containers.”

Sunny Creek Organic Berries

The rambling orchards of Sunny Creek Organic Berry Farm use environmentally sustainable practices to yield a wide assortment of fruit and berries. Berries in season and Jams are sold at the market.

Suzy’s Hot Jam Donuts

Homemade donuts with local raspberry jam.


Tarago Valley Organic Dairy

“A family business that are extremely passionate about nurturing and respecting our land in food production to create wholesome high quality milk products. Organic grass feed. Yoghurt, Kefir, Quark, Haloumi”

Thriving Foods Farm

“Permaculture organic farming in Koo Wee Rup – chemical free food, paddock to plate! Their produce includes: beetroot, cauliflower, cucumber, eggplant, broccoli, kale, leeks, lettuce (cos, green and red frilly), onions, parsley, pumpkins, radishes, silverbeet, spring onions, tomatoes and zucchini. They also sell eggs, where their chickens are pasture fed with a very low stocking density”

Top of the Hills Mushrooms

Specialty mushroom growers, from high in the Dandenongs
pearl oyster, yellow oyster, shiitake, lions mane, enoki

Unforgettable Products

“At Unforgettable Products we have always known that the secret to creating delicious and memorable food is to cook from the heart. They sell Curds, Meringues, Honeycomb, Pastry cases, Pavlova and sauces.”

Warragul Grange Deli

Sellers of our regions best known cheese produce. Also the home of gippsland hampers which include local products from the gippsland region.

Watergrasshill Angus

Watergrasshill angus – supplying watergrasshill angus beef from gippsland best pastures to you. Offering you only the best prices for the finest quality grass-fed beef.

Wattlebank Park Farm

Supplying Pork from the Wessex saddleback pig.

Willow Grove Natural Home Garden

“Fantastic array of vegetable seedlings, and seasonal vegetables.”