Our principles and ethos

Warragul Farmers’ Market subscribes to the principles provided by the Victorian Farmers’ Market Association Inc. (VFMA). These are:

The VFMA defines authentic farmers’ markets as places where:
•         Farmers sell direct to the public in a fair marketplace not compromised by resellers;
•         Farmers and producers create connections and relationships with customers and with each other;
•         Customers are able to purchase quality, freshly harvested produce, supporting local farmers and regional Victorian communities;
•         Customers buy fresh locally grown produce directly from the grower, and value added products direct from the producer, who receives full economic and social credit for their contribution to a sustainable local food system.
Authenticity should be integral to the term “farmers’ market”.  Accordingly, in 2011 the VFMA created and registered an Accreditation Program with the ACCC to certify and differentiate authentic farmers’ markets for producers and consumers.  The foundation of accreditation is the certification that the substantial majority of the produce being sold has been grown in Victoria.  At accredited farmers’ markets, the public purchase accredited products that have been made or grown by accredited producers.
The key principles of accredited farmers’ markets are that:
•          The producer has grown, reared, caught or processed the produce being offered for sale, and;
•         Each stall is staffed by at least one person who has intimate knowledge of, and direct involvement with, the production process of items for sale.

The following are never permitted at accredited farmers’ markets:
•         Re-sellers of fruit, vegetables or any other farm based product;
•         Re-packagers of any food or drink;
•         Art and craft where no clear farm origin is defined;
•         Bric-a-brac stalls.

Additionally the Committee requires

All  stallholders  will  be  farmers,  gardeners,  bakers  or  cooks  resident  or  producing  within  150kms  of  the   WFM  site  who  produce  or  grow  what  they  offer  for  sale.

Exceptions  to  the  above  may  be  made  at  the  discretion  of  the   WFM  Inc Committee  in  accordance  with  the  guidelines  set  out  by  the  Victorian  Farmers’  Market  Association.  Any   stallholder  found  to  be  reselling  will  be  at  risk  of  losing  their  place  at  the  market.

Stallholders  who  wish  to  sell  produce  on  behalf  of  another  Gippsland  producer, can only do  so  with  the  permission  of  the  WFM  Inc Committee.  The  supplier  must  produce  within  the  150km  radius   of  Warragul  and  provide  the  WFM  Inc Committee  with  a  product  insurance  ‘certificate  of  currency’  prior  to   commencement  of  trade.  The  stallholder  is  responsible  for  providing  the WFM  Inc Committee  with  such  a   certificate.

Priority  will  be  given  to  producers  supplying  biodynamic,  organic  and  minimal  spray  produce.

Any  variances  to  these  rules  are  at  the  discretion  of  the  WFM  Inc. Committee  and  will  be  made  in  the  best  interests  of  the  Warragul Farmers’ Market, stallholders and the community.

To  ensure  diversity  the WFM  Inc. Committee  will  determine  stallholder  eligibility  at  their   discretion.  It  is  vital  that  stalls  complement  not  compete  directly  unless  there  is  a  great  demand  for  the   product  -­‐  ie.  fresh  produce.