LET’S DO THIS TOMORROW 👊🏻👊🏻👊🏻 wear something red! . Please join us in showing public support towards getting a new hospital 🚑 🏥 . COMMUNITY INVITED TO TAKE PART IN LARGE CROWD PHOTO TO CALL FOR HOSPITAL . Meet at 11am at the Warragul Farmers’ Market to be a part of this historical photograph. . Residents of all ages are being invited to take part in a large community photo to send the message to the Victorian Government that West Gippsland needs a new Hospital. . The photo to being organised by the Sick of Waiting community action team and will be held in Civic Park Warragul at 11am this Saturday March 17. . We want as many people as possible to wear RED as a symbol of ‘emergency’. . “There will also be a large number of people wearing the red campaign t shirts, ‘Where’s the Funding for West Gippsland?’ . “The more people that can take part the better. We want individuals, families, community leaders, and representatives of clubs and businesses – everyone that can to stand together for a community photo and make their presence known. . “The community photo will be a powerful visual message to the State Government that this community needs a new hospital and is prepared to take a stand to get it.” . Petitions calling on the Victorian Government will also be available for people to sign on the day

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