Kouign-amann (Keene-ah-mon) is the French Breton word meaning butter cake.  Known in Europe as the butteriest pastry in the world- these delightful treats are a croissant like pastry but with extra layers of salted butter between the laminated sheets of pastry, and finished with a crispy almost toffee like caramelised sugar crust. (Salty and sweet together – helllooooo!!!!!). These opulent pastries are setting the foodie scene on fire in San Francisco- and of course, Dominique Ansel (the famous inventor of the cronut) sells out every day of his kouign-aman in NYC. 🥐🥐 🥐🥐 ”The Gippy Girl sisters discovered this pastry after making a left instead of a right whilst exploring Normandy in 2015.  Not so fluent in French, but fluent in bakery – we stopped for directions and realised we had drifted into Brittany (Breton). We left the pretty little bakery “A la Reine Anne”. Armed with directions and a large box of local pastry.  Stopping to enjoy the view along the wild Breton coastline we soon had sticky fingers, crumbs in our lap (sorry rental car company) and were now devotees of the Kouign amann.  Some quick research, with thanks to our Paris local expert, David Leibovitz, and a course was booked at Le Notre pastry school.  Gippy Girls will have one tray only of these buttery, flaky bundles of joy- so first in best fed.  See you early at WFM

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