CALL OUT // @stringandsalt need some chai wallahs for Saturday. . If you don’t know what a chai wallah is, it’s someone that takes pride in making chai. They put a little something special in their blend: a pinch of spicy garam masala powder, a smashed-up nub of ginger — or even a strand of saffron on top — to make it unique and keep their customers coming back. Sometimes it is the performance that sells the chai. Some let the chai boil until an instant before it spills over the side; then, with great agility, they swirl the pot an inch above the flame, suspending it in an almost-boiling-over state before removing it from the heat and repeating the trick. In Kolkata, the “metre-pour” chai, where the chai wallah blends the chai by pouring it back and forth between pots two arm lengths apart, attracts a thirsty crowd. . Dave & Michelle would love to hear from anyone (mad skills or not). . @michelle.cann please take care on those old vintage crutches

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