4 weeks until spring people! We get excited for all the colour pops and the delicious fragrances as the trees and flowers come out from hibernation. This month we are excited to have @sarahfstyle (flower farmer and fashion stylist) coming along with her flower bowl pop-up stall. Pop over to her page to find out more @sarahfstyle ・・・ Hello, friends! I’ve been such a busy bee 🐝 with the continued planting programme out here at the property! I so appreciated all your lovely thoughts on my last post, thank you for the kind words of encouragement. I’m sorry to not have had a minute to write back, though please do know how buoyed I am by the friendship and love I cherish with you. 💜 I am working so hard each and every day doing the gruelling work of the labour required to build my flower farm, but each day I am renewed with new energy and enthusiasm when I look out on to the progress I am making. 🦋Last week was all about planting out the four x 30m rose beds in the top paddock – with lots more on that to come! – though in the meantime, I am still babysitting all the spring bulbs every day to ensure they are looking gorgeous and blooming beautifully for their debut at the @warragulfarmersmarket on Saturday, August 18! It’s like having babies again! 🌸 This window box of adorable hyacinths and violas is such a cutie pie, she will happily brighten up the day of her new home when she gets there. As you know, I just swoon over the rich, deep fragrance of hyacinths, attributing their perfect perfume to instant joy and happiness. So I wish you a beautiful day ahead with that in mind. Love to you all. Enjoy! Xo

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