NEW STALL jindigoats

NEW STALL //From the rolling green hills of Jindivick, we welcome @jindigoats to our market. These guys create all natural skin and hair care products using fresh goats milk from their farm. Goats milk is a super-ingredient of nature, packed full naturally occurring of vitamin A, B, C and E. When it comes to soap making, many conventional soaps are made using water. By substituting water for goats milk, you create a beauty product rich in vitamins and nutrients that is extremely beneficial for our skin. You may have heard that goats milk is much-loved by people with eczema, psoriasis and other similar skin conditions, and that is thanks to the soothing properties and skin-calming results achieved by goats milk soap with irritated skin. #jindigoats #jindivick #goatssoap #warragulfarmersmarket #gippsland

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