NEW STALL // Just over the hill in Korumburra is a fantastic boutique micro-brewery.

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Photo taken at: Warragul Farmers Market

NEW STALL // Just over the hill in Korumburra is a fantastic boutique micro-brewery. Did you know? … We are absolutely thrilled that they are coming along to market this month.

The back story of @burrabrewing!

On a blokes golf weekend, 2 brothers and a mate come up with an idea of opening a brewery. How many of you could honestly say this same conversation has happened with your mates whether it be on the golf course, at the pub or anywhere beer is involved? Over many beers, on this weekend Phill Dempster, Anthony Dempster and Luke Jones come up with a very rough plan to which Phill said: “It all seemed like a pipe dream”. The guys started meeting up to discuss ideas on a venue, style, beers and how they would pull investments together to make the brewery dream a reality. And guess what … it bloody well happened!
Last August 2018 they opened their very own brewery!

Phill is the head brewer and has been crafting beers for well over 20 years, he brewed his first batch of beer when he was 17.
Phill is perfectlycomplemented by his business partners. Both Anthony and Luke have lived and travelled all through Europe discovering a vast array of the different beers that are on offer. Anthony owns an engineering and sheet metal business but also has worked in the hospitality industry. Luke is a financial planner who has a background of being a financial controller of some large hotel groups.

Through drive, resilience and mateship these three guys pulled off every bloke’s dream, to own a brewery. The wives of these men are all on board just as much as the blokes, so it’s an ‘all in family owned business’ that we need to get behind!

Come and sample some beer next market day – 3rd Saturday of month. FYI on Sunday’s they do live entertainment and great pizzas

Thanks for the back story info @craftnbrew

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