Orange lady Aimee Fisher

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Photo taken at: Warragul Farmers Market

Stallholder Vox Pop with 🍊 Orange lady Aimee Fisher from @kingfishercitrus
Who are you and what do you do?
“Who am I…I’m just a Gippsland girl standing in front of a Mallee citrus farmer asking him to grow cool climate citrus. That’s me, Aimee and together with my husband Lynton, we bought a farm at Nambrok with a vision to extend the growing seasons beyond that of our NW Victorian heritage.”
How lucky are you and why?
“Kingfisher Citrus is a family owned and operated farming business expanding four generations and we are very proud and grateful of our farming heritage.”
If you were a citrus tree, what variety would you be and why?
“A Washington Navel because our whole family love them.”
Tell us about your business and what makes you special?
“Kingfisher Citrus is a heritage farm with heritage flavour and some of our trees almost 100 years old. Our fruit is picked at maturity, is full of juice and is pesticide, fungicide and wax fre​e.
Why is your fruit always so sweet and delicious?
“Our fruit is left on the tree to sweeten and picked fresh every week. That means our customers enjoy the taste of seasonal produce as it develops throughout the season.”
If you could only choose one song to play every time you came to WFM for the rest of your market life, what would it be?​
“Happy by Pharrell Williams”

Where do you grow your oranges?
“Our oranges are grown on our fourth generation family farm in Narrung NW Victoria and with developments ongoing at our farm in Nambrok, Gippsland grown cool climate citrus will be welcomed in the near future.”
Tell us about the Fisher family?
“Family is the heart of our farming business and never shying away from a little or a lot of hard work we Fishers band together to operate over thirty market stalls every month. From picking, packing to jam making we simply would not work without the combined crazy of one another.”
How many orange varieties do you have?
“Currently eleven varieties of oranges and that’s not including root stocks

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