Looking for something a bit different?

Robyn and Steve from Botanic Ark Nursery are a couple of our favourite market characters. They have a nursery in Copelands Road, Warragul brimming with rare, unusual and interesting plants and have a story for every cutting and every pot they have on display. You can really hear the care they take with these plants and some of them have travelled from all over the world (back when you could bring plants in) and have been lovingly reborn over the years to create many more baby plants from cuttings.

They (though I suspect just Robyn) also make seriously delicious jams, chutneys and relishes and, as Robyn will tell you, it’s all natural. She recently joked after seeing That Sugar Film that the best thing about homemade jam is there are no hidden sugars 😉

So if you’re looking for something interesting for the garden, for something delicious to have on your toast or just to sit and have a chat, pop into Botanic Ark’s stall at the market this weekend or every third Saturday. rings in my ears!

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