Farmers’ Markets featured on ABC’s Landline

Just caught up on today’s Landline. Super relevant at the moment!

First story was about the relationship of Victorian dairy farmers with China – why the massive interest and what it means. It’s interesting because locally there’s been a lot of suspicion about what’s going on but the flip side is that the dairy industry is finally on the upturn. The rolling green hills around here have always been full of dairy herds and over the years there has been a lot of negativity surrounding pricing and land being sold for development. This week, local paper the Warragul Drouin Gazette had a front page story about two local farms sold to Chinese companies, which has certainly had people talking.

Next up was all about farmers’ markets and similar initiatives and what a change they have made to local economies and to the farmers, growers and producers who sell their products this way.

Have to say it was was very uplifting to watch this story. Even though it was in a different region, the personal journeys and philosophies of the farmers were familiar and rang so true. We have loved being able to tell the stories of our stallholders and we hope that it helps to open the conversation with their customers. They are pretty interesting people with an awesome work ethic and many of them are up at dawn every weekend to travel off to markets around Victoria – rain, hail or shine. My favourite quote from the program was “What keeps many customers coming back is the sense of connection”. Absolutely! For us, we’ve also watched the whole community embrace the market as not just a place to buy and sell but a place to really connect – with each other and with food.

Finally there was a story about saffron growers in Tasmania and it’s a pretty interesting look at a couple who have spent the last 25 years growing something that had never been tried in Australia. This Saturday at the market you can also meet Phyll Tierney from Saffron Willis who grows saffron in nearby Mirboo North. She would love to chat to you about it. Buy a few strands, they have the most fabulous colour and flavour! We are hoping to get out to their farm soon too to see how it all works

Anyway head over to iView and check it out or you can click here and watch it on the website.

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