A visit to a flower farm

There’s nothing like a fresh bunch of flowers in the house to lift your mood so imagine spending every day with these!


Today we dropped in on Quynh and Neil O’Sullivan’s 25 acre flower farm out in Alambee. Neil has worked in 27 under-developed countries over the years as a project facilitator in rural development and while in Vietnam in 2003 he met Quynh who was working as his translator. They fell in love, got married and had twin boys in 2009. During this time they decided to give up overseas work and move to the farm that Neil had owned for 20 years. The farm is very hilly but they have managed to use the land effectively using a terracing technique popular in Vietnam.

They have over 40 varieties of mostly native flowers and a few hothouses filled with stunning varieties of orchids. With only themselves and one employee they manage to send three trucks full of flowers to Sydney each week, where they have a fantastic reputation for quality. It’s 7 days a week work for them but you can tell it’s a passion and they really get a lot of joy from it.

Quynh says she loves coming to the market each month because she gets to meet the people who admire her flowers as much as she does and it is a way for her to connect with the community. She said she loves to hear all the wonderful reasons that people buy the flowers and, if you’ve ever bought flowers from her, you will know that she will always take the time to talk and engage with her customers.

Thank you Quynh for showing us around the farm today. With one of the boys sick in hospital, twin Dylan was proud to give us the royal tour of their incredibly efficient and successful farm. We left just as the beautiful rain started so everything was fabulously green and vibrant.

On Saturday drop by and grab some flowers for Christmas. Quynh will have lots of Calla Lillies in a range of colours. They will last 5-6 weeks with water changes – that should get you through till the new year!

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